A summer with Anton

Anton, 12, lives with his grandmother in the suburbs of Moscow. It is summertime and he works at home or plays with his friends. Soon he will join summer camp at Kaskad paramilitary school, which transforms children into soldiers, and responds to recent terrorist threats in Russia. He invests all his courage and his strength. The exercise of war replaces playfull time as Anton is preparing to kill the child who is still in him.

Jasna Krajinovic, Belgium, 2012, Beta-Digital, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 61 minutes

Anton is 12 years old. He lives with his grandmother in a little house outside Moscow. He spends his holidays with his pals or just plays round with his baboushka, who lovingly teases him back. Those carefree days of summer vanish when he goes off to a military training camp, like most Russian children do, where we find him armed and in uniform…

Directed by: Jasna Krajinovic
Screenplay: Jasna Krajinovic
Photography: Jorge Leon
Sound: Quentin Jacques
Image editing: Marie-Hélène Mora
Mixing: Philippe Baudhuin
Subtitles: FR, EN
Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray
Production: Dérives
Coproduction: CBA, RTBF, FWB
Festival promotion:
CBA - promo@cbadoc.be
Sales (interlational distribution):
Thierry Detaille - ventes.cbawip.sales@gmail.com 


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Europe, Sociological documentary, Family, Family portrait, 2012